Caparol Astarix

Quick drying, alkyd resin based, silky matte, unique primer paint with excellent ability of adherence which was developed for adherence of standard paint to difficult surfaces made of iron, steel, aluminum, zinc (galvanized surfaces), solid PVC, copper, wood and various wood products in interior and exterior places.

• A highly durable solution for surfaces which are difficult for paint adherence.
Paints applied on surfaces difficult for paint adherence due to their structure cannot adhere to surface and get peeled in the course of time. You can paint your PVC or Aluminum woodworks, garage doors and water outlets whose surfaces are contaminated and of which you want to change color with Caparol Astarix easily.
• Water or solvent based paint can be applied on it: Any water based or solvent based paint you want can be applied after 3-4 hours following the primer work.
• No cracking, blistering and spalling: Caparol Astarix, which can adhere to even the most difficult surfaces thanks to its excellent formula provides the most suitable surface preparation for top coat paint.
• Quick Drying: Dry time for touch is 45 minutes from the application and paint can be applied on it after 3-4 hours.
• Resistant against unfavorable weather conditions: It shows resistance against unfavorable weather conditions and cellulosic thinners.
• Enhanced against corrosion for iron-steel surfaces. (according to DIN 1863).
• Contains no lead or aromat: It does not contain aromat (aromatic solvent-perfume) and lead raw materials which may harm human health significantly (cancer, nervous system problems, risk of miscarriage, etc.).

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