DESCRIPTION: Proenamel Paint is a quick drying, Styrene modified, alkyd top coat paint.

Areas of usage: A glossy top coat paint which is used for protecting metal components used in industrial places such as steel construction, agricultural equipment, automotive spare parts, on-vehicle equipment and industrial machinery against middle level corrosive environments. *Special versions are available for application with dipping method.


Color All Colors
Glossiness gloss
Solid Material by Volume (%) 49-53 ±2
Solid Material by Weight (%) 59-63 ±2
Theoretical Covering Area (m²/kg), (m²/Lt) 8.2 – 9.6 m²/kg or 9.8 - 10.6 m²/Lt (50 micron dry film)
Flash Point (ºC) <23
Density (g/cm³) 1,1-1,2
Dust Dry (20 ºC/minute) 10–15
Dry Time for Touch (20 ºC/hour) 2
Thorough Curing (20 ºC/day) 7
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 431.6 gr/Lt
Application Thinner FLB. Industrial Thinner (%10–15)
Application Tools Airless, Airspray, Roller Brush