Air dried, cellulosic based, quick surface drying half-gloss top coat paint. Applied on metal surfaces where appropriate surface preparations are made and where the surface is required to dry quickly. Apply only on dry surfaces cleared of dust, grease, oil and other dirt.


Color All Colors
Glossiness Half Matte
Solid Material by Volume (%) 38 ± 5
Solid Material by Weight (%) 48 ± 5
Theoretical Covering Area (m²/kg) 11-14 (30 micron kfk)
Flash Point (ºC) <23
Density (g/cm³) 1.10 ± 0.05
Dust Dry (20 ºC/minute) 5
Dry Time for Touch (20 ºC/minute) >10
Thorough Curing (20 ºC/hour) 16
Application Thinner Cellulosic Thinner (10-15%)
Application Tools Airless, Airspray, Roller Brush