Vital production group complies with EN 71/3 (Safety Of Toys/Migration of Some Elements) standard. EN means European Norm (European Union Standards). EN 71/3 is a standard which regards contact of painted surfaces with mouth and imposes heavy metal restriction.

Tests within the scope of this standard restrict the heavy metals which cannot be ejected after they enter into the body such as antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chrome, lead, mercury and selenium. These heavy metals threaten the health of humans and especially more fragile children seriously as well as harming the ecological system substantially. Heavy metals can also cause health problems including cancer, infertility, amnesia and growth problems at children.

Maintaining its leading position for producing paints harmless to human health and environment from the date it is established, Filli Boya has broken a new ground by producing Vital Water Based Furniture Paints and Varnishes complying with EN 71/3 standard and offered its products to its consumers who are sensitive to human health.

Compliance of vital product group with EN71/3 standard was verified by independent test institutions of Germany and Turkey.

Furniture painted with solvent based products emit disturbing odor for a long time especially in closed areas. Since Vital products are water based, furniture products painted or varnished with Vital product group do not emit any disturbing odor in places they are used and provide a more comfortable and healthy use.
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