Satin Plaster Primer

Copolymer emulsion based, ready-to-use, transparent plaster surface paint which resolves problems caused by high absorbency of plaster surfaces. Thanks to its high penetration and strong binding ability, it prevents absorbency of plaster surface completely and ensures paint to integrate with surface. It also prevents paint from getting dry and provides cost saving by decreasing paint consumption. Enhancing paint performance significantly, Filli Boya Satin Gypsum Primer makes plaster surfaces, the problematic surface in paint works, prepared to the paint ideally. Filli Boya Satin Plaster Primer is safely used in all pre-paint primer operations.

Application Surfaces:

Used for pre-painting lining of highly absorbent surfaces with dusting characteristics such as satin plaster, plasterboard that will be painted for the first time.
Construction Paints