Surface Preparation

To achieve a durable paint layer, first of all paint should solidly adhere on metal surface. This depends on surface cleaning.

Main purpose of surface preparation is to remove the substances which may harm the surface and in this way provide a sufficient adherence between surface and the primer to be applied to steel. If surface preparation is not performed well, no paint system will show a good performance. With the time spent in surface preparation, the paint system will have a longer service life and consequently repair and maintenance costs will be decreased.

Before selecting the proper paint system and proceeding to surface preparation, corrosion in the working area should be graded. For this purpose, you can refer to the ISO 12944-2 standard which provides a dependable source for people performing application in determination and selection of paint systems and classifies corrosion.

Table 1: table of corrosion levels

The methods used to clean the metal surface before painting and the cleaning levels of surfaces were standardized in detail by the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) and Standard Institution of Sweden (SIS).

Metal surfaces can be cleaned before painting with one of the methods in the table.

Table 2: table of surface cleaning levels