Western Qatsi

Qatsi trend meaning "life" in Native American Hopi's language encourages us to find unique tones for our interior spaces by taking a journey to West. In this journey, we come upon deep crimson and brown tones on monumental canyons of West and reflection of sunset on the sky. Qatsi colors creating a simple and unique style for your interior spaces reflect the simplicity of brown tones in your living places.

This time zone we are in is different than the other zones in history. At this point we should be fast when planning our lives. Change is now continuous, it cannot be stopped and no one can stand in front of it. It is possible to become tired of the speed of the change and to get excited about pursuing it continuously.

But still, we have a past and we will not disconnect with our past, if we do not want to. Qatsi tells us to keep this connection alive. There are two things that live together at the beginning and end of every cycle and within the speed, slowness, order and fault of the mobility: Tradition and future.

For us, Qatsi is the ability to use the latest technology and its products together with familiar objects and feelings warming us inside. Colors in the places designed with the Qatsi philosophy are shaped by life and contradictions in it. In Qatsi, contrasts are distinct.

Therefore, studios, halls and loft places, places where design is dominant, main places rather than the intermediate sections, showrooms and galleries with large halls will take advantage of the products of Qatsi at the most.

While deep crimson and brown tones will warm up the places facing north, glossiness of pearlescent, stone, swan white and ecru tones will cool and calm down the places facing south.