Color and Gloss Level

The brightness of the paint that you choose for your home is just as important as its color. Filli Boya offers a wide range of colors as well as brightness options that will create different effects on your walls and add sparkle to your home.

For example, if you want to create a relaxing, romantic and spacious atmosphere with soft light reflections, AlpinaSilan is just the ticket for you. With its opaque silky touch, AlpinaSilan is Turkey's most popular silicone paint for interior spaces.

While you can add simple and elegant touches to your living spaces with Alpina Max's soft opaque touch, Alpina Tek is the best choice available for bright and ambitious homes with its half-opaque touch.

Alpina Plus is the go-to option for those wishing to obtain a smooth and opaque surface in the most budget-friendly way.

With its ideal opaque and silky glossiness, Exxen İpek, a home friendly paint, maintains its spotless look for long years thanks to its texture that allows easy wiping.

Exxen Mat provides a smooth opaque finish thanks to its special fillers, and it is the choice of house painters with its superior covering and opaqueness.

Alpina Plastix makes your walls look softer with its special texture, while providing a brighter and cleaner look on both the ceiling and walls with its spectacular whiteness.

AlpinaLife has a unique natural opaqueness thanks to the special fillers in its formula. It is the choice of health-conscious customers as it does not contain formaldehydes, preservatives (biocides) and volatile/semi-volatile organic compounds (VOC/sVOC) which adversely affect the indoor air quality.

Developed using silicate, a natural raw material, AlpinaLife Kids has natural silk textures exclusively developed for children's rooms that allow for wiping and does not contain formaldehydes, preservatives (biocides) and volatile/semi-volatile organic compounds (VOC/sVOC).
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