Complementary-Contrasting Colors

Colors opposing the primary colors in the color triangle are called "complement of the relevant color". Complements of red, blue and orange are green, orange and yellow, respectively.

You can balance the color energy and create a design which does not strain eyes by using complementary colors together in your decoration. Briefly, you can achieve color contrast by acutely dividing transverse colors.

Complementary colors create a bigger effect when used in the same place rather than when used alone. When you use blue in the decoration alone, you create a more complete and pleasant decoration but when it is used with orange, it is possible to create a more attractive and harmonious design.

If you want peaceful home decoration, you can create a special design by using monochromatic colors, in other words, different tones of a color. You can create a more peaceful and calm environment in your bedroom with combinations of blue and its tones.

What do you think about creating vibrant and special decoration by using complementary colors together for a modern design? Since complementary colors will create a balance in your decoration, you can use these colors in your living and dining rooms.

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