Creating a Mood with Color- Red

It represents physical power, action and liveliness. It is the color of passion and sexual love. Negative sides are rudeness, apathy, anger and agressiveness. It is a warm color. Its complementary color is green. It is the color of the active, challenger, leader and lively people. It is mostly preferred by extrovert and brave people who want to take risks, likes to be successful and hates losing. When it is over used, its negative sides come to the forefront and make people aggressive and offensive.

Use of Red in Indoor Areas

Since it is a passionate color, it should be used in places such as discos or kitchens where action is dense. As it is energetic, it evokes the feeling of impatience. Therefore, it should not be preferred for calm places such as waiting rooms. It should be used with its complementary color in kids’ rooms, bedrooms, working rooms and lounges. In this way, the energy and passion of red which may be aggressive and distracting can be somewhat moderated. It should not be used in places where old people spend time and electrical appliances are present.
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