Creating a Mood with Color - Yellow

Being the color of socialness, brightness, openness and clearness, it is the color of liveliness and optimism. It brings passion and action. Its negative properties are insincerity, a tendency to cheat and mental confusion.

It is a warm color. Its complementary color is purple.

Yellow is the color of impermanence. This is why taxis are yellow all over the world. In traffic lights, yellow indicates the transmission between red and green.

Use of Yellow in Indoor Areas

It is recommended to use it with its complementary color, purple. When it is singly used, its negative aspects may be activated. It encourages people to think and makes them rack their brains. It is recommended to be used particularly in kitchens and anterooms. It encourages people to work in kitchens while in anterooms; it makes people come to house with its pleasing property. Since it makes people think, it should be used with purple in kids and teenage rooms, working rooms and bedrooms and therefore its effect should be moderated. It is recommended to use it particularly in senior centers since it motivates old people and instils hope.
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