Hints on Color Usage

It is very easy to create the environment you desire by using colors. The colors that you will use on the decoration of your house, you can make small spaces look bigger and brighten the dark areas. The only thing needed to achieve this is to know which color should be used where.

If you complain about the smallness of a room of your house, you can eliminate this problem with the help of the colors. If you use dark colors on the floor and light colors on walls, your place will look much bigger than it is. You can achieve more spacious view by using light colors such as white, beige, grey and cream on walls.

You can use colors to brighten dark spaces. You can paint your ceilings white for your house to receive more sunlight and use lighter colors which reflect sunlight on your walls and furniture. A house designed with white furniture, white walls, light grey and beige colors will clearly be lighter.

If you want to bring some furniture in your decoration into the forefront, we recommend you to use an exact opposite color of the color prominent on the decoration. You will understand what we mean better when you visualize a red elegant chair shining in your room with walls painted with light colors.

You can both reduce the distance between furniture and create a warm environment in your house by using warm colors consisting of yellow, red and orange. If you want to create an exact opposite effect, it is advantageous to use cool colors consisting of blue, green and purple.

If light colors are dominant within the place, you accessories will play an important role. Vivid colors of your accessories will bring dynamism and excitement to your house.

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