Warm and Cool Colors

Colors divide into two as warm and cool colors according to the psychological effect they create and their density. Warm colors consisting of red, yellow and orange evoke fire and heat; they attract our attention and make us feel energetic.

Although we do not use warm colors which are noisy, vibrant and energetic in cold weather, it should be kept in mind that they freshen us up and give us energy. When they are used in decorations, they make furniture look close to each other.

You can relieve your tiredness and get into an energetic mood with warm colors which are commonly preferred in living rooms since they stimulate pleasure and excite the senses.

Another characteristic of warm colors is that they are attractive... You can make a difference in places and objects that you want to be attractive by using warm colors. Due to this characteristic, warm colors are used on traffic lights, ambulances, police cars and cabs.

Did you know that in decoration, you can create more spacious and fresh spaces by using cool colors consisting of blue, green and purple, the main effects of which are peace, comfort and melancholy? Note that you can create a fresh and comfortable environment in your house by using cool colors which are preferred for bedroom and working rooms due to their relaxing characteristics in hot weather.


Cool Color
Cool Color
Warm Color

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