What is Color?

"Color" is sensed through beams reflecting to our eyes after light hits objects. Colors perceived with our eyes and brains are actually light captured by our eyes. Different colors are obtained when light hits objects. This situation creates color shades. Although there are many colors and color shades on earth, white color is the origin of all colors. In other words, all colors originate from white.

Emergence of the Chromatics

At first, Newton studied the colors in physics. British Physicist Isaac Newton divided the sunlight into its constituent colors by a diamond prism during the researches he was making on colors in 1670. Newton carried out his experiment with a prism in a dark room. He could ensure that sunlight entering through an open door was divided into the rainbow colors bottom to top by the prism. Sequential reflection of the colors was called spectrum solaers (solar spectrum) by Newton and by this experiment, he concluded that we achieve the colors by the temperature of the sun.
Following Newton, physicists and chemists such as Chevreul, Helmholtz and Young concentrated on colors and broke common taboos. British scientist William Herschel who measured the temperatures of the colors achieved when sunlight shines through a prism and defined the color purple at one end of the spectrum as the lowest and color red at the other end as the highest temperature.

Briefly, studies regarding colors that Newton initiated have played an important role in the consideration of colors as a science.

Primary and secondary colors

We mentioned that all colors on earth originate from white light. All the colors we see under the sun emanate from primary colors, in other words, blue, yellow and red. Primary colors cannot be created by mixing other colors in nature. Now, let's remember how secondary colors, in other words, green, orange and purple are created by mixing two primary colors.

Red+Yellow = Orange
Blue+Yellow = Green
Blue+Red = Purple

Colors in every corner of our lives affect our moods and reflect our tastes and interests. Although color tastes differ from person to person, the impression left by colors can be similar. For example, while red represents energy and dynamism, blue represents calmness and comfort.
You can also give a real role to colors by involving the color which suits your mood well into your daily life.

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