Methods of Applying Paint

Would you like to re-create your house? You can make a big difference in your house by just painting your walls in an economical way without the need for renewing your furniture. Let's take a closer look at the method to be used while applying the color you preferred on your walls.

Before selecting the painting methods, remember that you should clear the surface of dust and remove blistering and spalling parts to achieve a surface suitable for painting. After the surface is cleaned and proper paint is selected, you should decide on the method to be applied. Here are the most preferred painting methods:

  • Spraying
  • Application by Roller Brush or Brush

One of the most convenient methods to be used as to the type of your paint and the environmental conditions is spraying. This simple method is applied by a spray gun. The spraying technique is usually preferred for industrial paints and it minimizes the risk of leaving traces on the walls. Thus you can achieve better results.

Application by Roller Brush and Brush is usually preferred for wall and wood painting. By choosing a suitable roller brush, you can paint your walls easily without leaving a stain or roller brush traces. We recommend that you use roller brush on walls and small brushes on edges and corners.
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