Our Values

Future Orientation

Innovativeness, change wish and result orientation

To be researchers with an understanding of continuous change, progress and innovation in addition to dealing with present and traditional ones; seize the opportunities in order to develop the products, processes and operations which will move the company one step ahead of its competitors; have the courage to complete tasks in different ways.

Mutual Trust

Honesty, fair and consistent attitude, transparency

To communicate with all customers and personnel in the most correct way protecting humanistic values and considering the fact that success and power come with unity and solidarity; share correct information in the correct way; act honestly, fairly and consistent always.


Responsibility, taking initiative

To embrace the past, today and future of the company; take initiative in necessary situations by undertaking all the responsibilities required by the task; undertake the results of the decisions taken and do the best for a better result.

Respect for Society, Social Sensitivity

Reliability, informing the society and raising the awareness

To act honestly, reliably, fairly and consistently for the public by behaving in accordance with the ethical rules of the company and industry; to inform the public about products and activities and raise awareness.