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771 Schools were Colored by Filli Boya
With the "Filli School" project it brings to life, since the year of 2008, Filli Boya colored an area of about 2,5 million m2 with a hundred tones of paint and colored 771 schools where approximately 500,000 students receive education.

In order to support children to receive education in better conditions, Filli Boya has been contributing to the painting of schools in small provinces, districts and rural regions which have low socio-economic status in Anatolia since 2008.

With the aim of ensuring that the schools all around Turkey will have healthy and modern conditions of education, Filli Boya prepares our schools which shape our children's future to the new school year.

Support from Filli Boya to Masal Masal Matitas Project...
Filli Boya supported Masal Masal Matitas project held within the scope of EU Youth Program between the period of August-November, 2012. Workshops were organized with the cooperation of Sulukule Volunteers Association, Bilgi University and Tog (Community Volunteers Foundation) Volunteers within a range of activities took place in Turkey, Hungary and Italy. Walls of Hattat Rakım Elementary School got their new colors thanks to Filli Boya.
Support from Filli Boya for Baba Beni Okula Gönder (Father Send Me To School) (BBOG) Campaign...
Filli Boya contributed to the painting of 11 girls' dormitories constructed in Anatolia within the scope of the Baba Beni Okula Gönder (BBOG) Campaign. Since it was founded, Filli Boya has tried to act with corporate responsibility sense and it became a partner of support initiatives from all around Turkey in order to allow 1315 school girls who try to study in Anatolia to receive education in a more colorful and cleaner environment. Within the scope of Baba Beni Okula Gönder Campaign, Filli Boya contributed to the painting of interior and exterior surfaces of 11 girls' dormitories in Anatolia, especially in Kars, Kahramanmaraş, Osmaniye, Bartın, Mardin, Gümüşhane, Iğdır and Siirt. Filli Boya which will color lives by contributing to corporate responsibility campaigns continues its sensitive activities in this regard.

Filli Boya and Akut Joined Forces to Paint 78 Schools...
Filli Boya ranked among the supporters of the "Akut, Hand in Hand with Anatolia" project carried out by the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) and contributed to the painting of 78 schools in 2011.

Thanks to the work carried out in the field of education through the support of Filli Boya; 30 schools in Islahiye, a town of Gaziantep; 1 school in Yavuzeli, a town of Gaziantep; 15 schools in Doğanşehir, a town of Malatya and 32 schools in Battalgazi, a town of Malatya, have been painted, and in total, 78 schools started their new school year in healthy and modern conditions. An area of 238,270 square-meter at 78 schools where 15,000 students receive education were painted.
Support from Filli Boya for Lösev’s Construction of School and Nursery
Filli Boya realized one more activity carried out with an awareness of social responsibility and provided the interior and exterior wall paints of the Village of Children with Leukemia, which is built in Gölbaşı in Ankara by the Children with Leukemia Health and Education Foundation (Lösev). The Village of Children with Leukemia supported by Filli Boya was built to provide the families and children coming from different regions of Anatolia for treatment with accommodation for their stay during the treatment.
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