Caparol TriMaXX® Lux Gloss Synthetic Paint

Highly wipe clean silicone resin based top coat paint with high covering ability and whiteness which does not contain aromatic solvent and lead, cleared of disturbing odors to occur during and after application, performs maximum resistance against yellowing scratches.

In contrast to all synthetic paints, it does not harm human health in living places during and after application since it contains no aromatic solvent or lead. Performs high and permanent glossiness thanks to the silicone resin it contains. It has maximum resistance against yellowing. It has excellent covering and spreading characteristics on application surfaces. Very wipe clean. Suitable for combing; offers easy application with brush and roller brush since it leaves no brush marks and does not lead to flowing. Forms a smooth surface with chemical additives and silicon resin. Very smooth to touch after drying. Therefore, it provides maximum resistance against dusting and contamination in the course of time. Performs maximum resistance against impacts, scratches and chemical cleaning materials used in houses thanks to silicone resin it contains.
Construction Paints