Friol 0°C is a liquid concrete additive which increases the speed of hydration of cement, shortens the setting time and provides resistance against freezing.


Used in protection of concrete and mortar against freezing in winters, application of concrete until -10°C temperature and in places which need quick setting time for concrete and mortar.


Appearance Fluid
Color Light brown
Density 1.25 ± 0.03 gr/ml
pH 6.5 ± 0.5
Viscosity 100 mPas (23°C)
No Chloride


  • Friol 0°C accelerates the formation of aluminates and silicate gels in the first phase as a result of the reaction of cement and water in fresh concrete. Accelerates the hydration of fresh concrete, enables concrete to gain hardening and strength. Therefore, it removes the freezing risk of concrete during concreting in cold weather conditions (below 0°C).
  • Friol 0°C shortens the hardening time of cement just like the additives in other alkali structures and increases the strength of concrete in the first days. But it does not show any reduction in further strength values and total pressure strength.
  • Friol 0°C is more active than the chloride containing additive with same concentration although it does not contain any chloride. It does not make any corrosive effect on fitting thanks to its structure. Moreover, it causes time saving in places where mould will be taken early due to its quick setting time as well as causing cost saving as it reduces cure application temperature and time.
  • Friol 0°C provides fresh concrete the ability of reducing an amount of water due to its characteristics of giving viscosity. Increases the strength due to water reduction and enhances resistance against freezing.
  • Increases the workability of fresh concrete in prefabricated construction and precast concrete works.

CAUTION: Friol 0°C should be kept at ambient temperature until it dissolves in case that it freezes in its packaging at temperatures below -10°C. You can reuse the dissolved material by mixing it thoroughly.