Filli Boya Shop Primer CNR is used to enhance the adherence of paint coats to be applied on metal surfaces like aluminum, galvanize and metal plate. Since anti-rust pigments within it pacifies the surface, it enhances corrosion resistance of paint system.

Color All Colors
Glossiness Matte
Solid Material by Volume (%) 33 ±5
Solid Material by Weight (%) 53 ±5
Theoretical Covering Area (m²/kg) 29-30 (15 micron kfk)
Flash Point (ºC) <23
Density (g/cm³) 1,23 ±5
Dust Dry (20 ºC/minute) 6
Dry Time for Touch (20 ºC/minute) 5
Thorough Curing (20 ºC/day) 7
Mixing Ratio Shop Primer CNR 2 parts (by weight) , Shop Primer CNR Hardener 1 part (by weight)
Application Thinner Cellulosic Thinner
Application Tools Airless, Airspray
Mixture Life 12 hours

* Values given above may change depending on the color variety.