Water Based Road Marking Paint


Acrylic emulsion based, high-performance, rapid drying matte, water based road marking paint with strong adherence and strong durability against friction which keeps its color and is used for road markings.


Used for road marking operations, paint works of paving stones and parking lot markings.


Before any kind of application, surface area should always be cleared of dust, dirt and materials like stone chips, etc. During paint works of paving stones, broken and missing parts should be corrected or changed at first. During road marking operations, avoid carrying out applications on loose surfaces or worn aggregate surfaces as far as possible. Application process should be performed by applying the product on clean and dry asphalt surface under the environmental conditions without rain and wind provided that ambient and asphalt temperature is minimum 15 °C and relative humidity is maximum 85%. Road should be protected against pedestrian and vehicle traffic (20 minutes at 20 °C) before it is dried. Application should be performed with special tools which do not hold paint or with paint spraying pistols. Application with brush-roller brush is not recommended. Application can be performed with brush-roller brush in paint works of curbstones and horizontal applications.
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