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Wall Colors

The color of your walls is one of the most significant elements that would affect your mood regardless of the space. We are working on thousands of different wall colors so that you’ll be sure to find a tone or shade you love. You could choose to paint each room of your house a different color or capture that mood you’re looking for by mixing radiant wall colors according to each room’s function. Click to see different wall colors and unlimited alternatives.


Decorative Paint

Create different backgrounds in your house with Filli Boya Decorative Paint series! Be it a romantic or antiquated look ... Leave clichés aside and be inspired by contrasts, using whatever colors and techniques you fancy to reflect your style onto the wall with decorative paint. Everything you need to know about decorative paint colors and techniques, lists of materials and decorative paint application is here.


The Best Paint

At Filli Boya we set off on a quest towards creating the best paint ever, taking our chemists, color experts, architects and painters in tow... We continue pursuing our mission to create the best paint that would serve our quality as well as environmental and human health goals the best! After going through rigorous testing from production to packaging, the best paint produced with high quality materials and well-formulated ingredients is brought to you. Learn more about the best paint.



Jacketing, as the name implies, is a system applied to exterior surfaces to keep a building insulated. Jacketing has advantages that would benefit both you and your environment. Properly applied jacketing would mean 50% in energy savings! With the most aesthetically pleasing exterior jacketing systems, you contribute to the structural preservation of your building while enhancing its appearance. Learn more about Filli Boya Jacketing Systems.


Thermal Insulation

By having thermal insulation applied on your building, you can live in a house getting warm in winter and cold in summer easily and quickly, reduce your gas and electricity bills up to 50% and make a contribution in protecting the natural resources of our world. Filli Boya Insulation Experts apply the most suitable thermal insulation techniques for the needs of your building. Learn more about Filli Boya Thermal Insulation solutions.

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